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Samba Espirito is a not for profit band influenced by Brazilian, African & other world musical styles & put together to give the local community, the opportunity to experience the energy of playing carnival music, and to learn to perform it for others to enjoy.

Performing Across The North West of England

Interested In Joining Us?

Depending on the drum balance of the band, we do introduce new members periodically. No experience is required to join the band. So if you you have the following attributes;

  • A good level of fitness/energy

  • A great sense of rhythm
  • Positive enthusiasm in buckets
  • Are interested in learning
  • A desire to have lots of fun

  • Able to attend weekly rehearsals and able to perform at events

Then you will fit right in & we would love to hear from you!

We rehearse in Halton near Lancaster every Thursday evening (6.45 – 9.30pm) and perform across the North West of England. Most of our gigs will take place at the weekend and so there is a time commitment for you to consider, if you’d like to be a member of the band. (We have approx 2 gigs per month from April – July and the one a month at other times of the year).

We lend you all the equipment & drums initially, but after 5 months you do need to purchase your own, through ourselves.

Love Every Minute Of It

What our band members say…

“The first time I saw Samba Espirito playing I was completely struck by their positive energy, rhythm, talent and just the BIG smiles on people’s faces- so infectious!! 🤩 I signed up straight away and have absolutely loved every minute of it. Great people, great atmosphere and great music, what more could anyone ask for. It’s certainly been one of the best things I’ve done! 🤗 🎶 Xx”

David “I was well out of my comfort zone trying this but I’m so glad I did. The experiences we have had are amazing. I can’t wait to play again with my fantastic drumming buddies”

Lisa “I wanted to learn an instrument and decided to try drumming. Bit nervous at first but loved it instantly! Great band ethos, talented and caring band leaders and fabulous band mates. We have so much fun both rehearsing and gigging. Joining this band is one of the best decisions I ever made. Love it!”

Katy “I went along not knowing another soul, but a friendlier bunch of people you could not meet. The drumming is fantastic exercise and totally addictive. Come along, you will not regret it!”

Lynda “I’d played Brazilian Samba and drum kit in bands years before and really missed it so was overjoyed to join Samba Espirito. The clue is in the name – all the fun, energy, dance and grooves of carnival with a fantastic ‘family’ of band members. It’s life changing!”

Liz “I joined the band firstly because I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone so thought it would be a good way to get to know people, and oh boy I’m so glad I did, because it is the best fun with brilliant people who are now friends. Never played an instrument before but absolutely love it 😍”

Andrew “Since joining the band I’ve learned a new skill, made lots of great friends and had loads of fun. I’d encourage anyone to give it a try”

Andrea “From the moment I met the band members for the first time and banged my first drum, it’s been all about the “F’s” for me – friendly, fantastic, fun, fabulous, feeling free, fitness, funky and most of all, we are like one big family. Just do it, you will never look back. I certainly haven’t”

Lindsay ” Samba Espirito for me feels like Home , such a lovely warm group of people who are not also friends but we happen to play amazing tunes together too 😀💜”

Lindsay ” Samba Espirito for me feels like Home , such a lovely warm group of people who are not also friends but we happen to play amazing tunes together too 😀💜”

Ruth “The band has got a really positive vibe everyone is encouraging and supportive. I really look forward to Thursday night rehearsals. It’s great learning to do something new, Samba Espirito isn’t your run of the mill – it’s uplifting, exciting, fun and I’m happy to be part of the band”

Rachael “The spirit of Samba Espirito is great music, great rhythms & great relationships. If you listen you can hear it when we play. I can hardly believe I’m a part of something SO great”

Alison “I’d been in a djembe band before and really missed drumming so thought I’d give samba a go and was really glad I did. The band members are great fun, we have a laugh and the tunes are awesome”

Michelle “I have always wanted to play an instrument but never been very good at it… then I found drumming and Samba Espirito and with time patience and lots of laughs I can say …. I’m with the band! X”

Christina “Joining such a large group who played music I’d only ever dreamed of playing myself was very daunting but wow what a welcome I got. With zero experience I soon began to pick it up with everyone’s support and I’ve got to say I’m now hooked! Best decision I ever made!”

Everyone Welcome

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